Neorem Magnets Ningbo Co., Ltd is a Finnish owned company. The main shareholder is Neorem Magnets Oy. Its headquarter is located in Ulvila, with specialized production in sintered NdFeB magnets. The product range covers application areas of power generation, elevators, mobile phones as well as products for automotive industry.

Neorem Ningbo is located in the coastal city Ningbo, in the Eastern part of China. The company is situated at Nordic Industrial Park, with most of the investors coming from Europe and America. So far Neorem Ningbo concentrates on machining sintered NdFeB blocks and electroplating NdFeB magnets. The company also has extensive laboratory facilities in order to carry out full quality inspections of NdFeB magnets, including both mechanical and magnetic properties. Neorem Ningbo serves the markets as far as any kinds of magnets with machining and Ni-coating are required. Typical application areas are mobile phones, home application electronic products as well as servo and linear motors.

The company also provides services in sourcing magnets from China, with the full quality control.